Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ahmad Carroll is having a bad week

If only that picture was the extent of his troubles. Sure, the guy had a horrible game on MNF. Sure, his two major mistakes led to two Philly scores, but c'mon. We're talking about the Packers here. It's not like this is the Steel Curtain. Did they really need to cut the guy 12 hours later? All that does is bump Jarrett Bush and Will Blackmon up on the CB depth chart. Career tackles: two. For both of them. Combined! I understand Carroll isn't a top-tier DB, but he is a first round pick with 104 tackles in 2+ years. Couldn't you at least try to coach him? The Packers are one horrific Al Harris dreadlock-pokes-eye-out injury away from a real emergency in the secondary.

Packers release CB Carroll (Yahoo! Sports)


Blogger Jay said...

I live here in Arkansas and watched Carroll for his whole undistinguished college career with the Hogs. He got burned contantly and picked lots and lots and lots of holding and interference penalties. Oh and he ran his mouth non-stop at they guys who were burning his ass.

But, the NFL, like the Arkansas coaches fell in love with his athleticism. Perfect size and strength for a corner and he ripped a 4.26 Forty at the NFL combine. So, they all forgot that he doesn't work hard and can't be coached.

Maybe he should try to move to reciever and be worked almost exclusively at kick and punt returner. He does have amazing speed. But he's the biggest A-Hole ever in the NFL .. yes biggest EVER.

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