Monday, September 25, 2006

NFL Week 3: Open

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Emotional night in New Orleans, and the Saints came up big right from the start. A heck of a start for this team. I don't think anybody thought they would start 3-0, and I think the entire city deserves to see it continue. I hope the Saints continue to find ways to win games. Oh, and Michael Vick is garbage.

Carolina 26, Tampa Bay 24: The Panthers literally mashed Chris Simms' innards. Jesus Christ! The guy had to have his spleen removed! If I would've written that last week, everyone would have thought it was just a figure of speech. They smashed his fucking spleen!

Chicago 19, Minnesota 16: Rex Grossman just threw his first career 4th quarter touchdown. I have nothing to say. I don't understand how Chicago keeps winning.

Cincinnati 28, Pittsburgh 20: Wild win for Cincy. They got dominated early, and then suddenly the Steelers started making boneheaded plays. Two Carson Palmer passed later the game was locked up. The Bengal offense is scary when it clicks. A win that big deserves a similar celebration.

Green Bay 31, Detroit 24: Forget the 400th career TD. It's impressive, but we knew it was coming eventually. I'm more blown away by the fact Brett Favre remembered how to play quarterback long enough to actually win a game. I'll be damned.

Indianapolis 21, Jacksonville 14: Ok, so the Jags aren't THAT good just yet. They are going to have to be able to score more than 14 points to beat most of the top teams in the league.

Buffalo 20, NY Jets 28: What the hell happened to the real Chad Pennington? Somebody should organize a search party or something.

Miami 13, Tennessee 10: Congrats to the Dolphins. It's very hard to win a game and still prove to the world that you suck.

Washington 31, Houston 14: Coach Janky Spanky is back with a vengeance...although it was just Houston. Still nice to see Portis impact the game. The good news for the Texans...Mario Williams had two tackles.

Cleveland 14, Baltimore 15: The Browns dominated most of the game, but in the end, they still sucked just slightly more than the Ravens. Since when is McNair vs Frye an even QB match-up?

Seattle 42, NY Giants 30: This game was 42 to freakin' 3. Hey at least Eli had another comeback in him. Also, the Madden Curse lives on. It really is a crazy phenomenon.

San Francisco 24, Philadelphia 38: Something tells me Alex Smith may want to invest in some spleen pads.

New England 7, Denver 17: Said Jay Cutler, "Fuck!"

Arizona 14, St. Louis 16: Who had Week 4 in the "Kurt Warner gets benched" pool?


Anonymous Phil said...

Hey Dar, keep up the good work. I really like reading your take on all things sports, especially USC. Your blog reminds me of the Daily Quickie on, which is no longer available. You sir, have filled that void. Glad to see you at the sports bar Sunday. Too bad we all couldn't sit together. Maybe some other time.

Fight on!

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