Saturday, September 23, 2006

USC at Arizona, 2nd Quarter

6:35- Really an ugly first half and a sac-less finish by SC. The offense looks terrible right now. Not that it matters because the D is winning the game by itself, but still. Lane Kiffin and Sark need to work it out at the break. Halftime: USC 3, Arizona 0. See ya'll in 15 me.

6:34: We just had this exchange.
Fouts: "These refs are so scrutanized."
Mrs. Dar: "Yeah, so talk more fuckin' shit in the booth you piece of shit."
Marriage is sweet.

6:26- Another 3-and-out for the SC D, and as a big bonus...Brady Quinn just threw a pick-6...24-7 MSU. Heisman wha?

6:25- Shit, man. Fumble by Washington. SC offense is really looking average far.

6:21- Sweet pick by my favorite current Trojan...Rey Maualuuuuuuuuga. BTW, I missed a "beer me" in there, so beer me twice.

6:16- Mario Danelo right down the pipe for 3. Hey points are points. The deluge is still to come. USC 3, Arizona 0.

6:15- And just like's Desmond Reed in for a carry.

6:14- Nice run by Moody. This kid is gonna be a stud eventually. Also, very happy to see Carroll going with a slightly smaller bevy of RBs today.

6:10- Been dying to see Lane Kiffin let JDB air it out a little. Steve Smith was a toe or two away from making one hell of a catch. It's only a matter of time now. Also, nice of the broadcast team to treat a pretty simple replay review as if it were a Congressional hearing.

6:00- Fuck me! Nice 40 second sequence! ND is trailing 17-0, and USC just blocked the Cats' FG try. SC hasn't done a damn thing with the ball yet, and it still feels like the game is over.

5: 58- Wow. That's a surprise. JDB with an ugly INT. Jarrett slipped on his route, but give credit to Arizona. They are obviously emotionally charged.


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