Saturday, September 23, 2006

LIVE BLOG! USC at Arizona, 1st quarter

5:51- Brian Cushing sack to end the first quarter. Tuitama is already feeling slightly concussed.

5:49- SC punting again. Vintage 1st half playcalling...just feeling out the D looking for a weakness. Zona clearly is struggling against the Trojan D. Beer me.

5:48- Kudos to ABC who just took Musburger's audio for the ND game and put it over SC video. See, I knew Brent wouldn't let us down.

5:44- 3rd and 9...Keith Rivers sacks Willie "Baby Seal" Tuitama. SC ball.

5:43- Jack Arute just compared popular thinking about the outcome of this game to "clubbing baby seals." I love being a Trojan fan.

5:40- I just heard the words "decrease in semen" on a Flomax commercial. Where the hell are the limits?

5:39- Ooooh boy. I don't mind the playcall going for it on 4th and 7. That's typical Pete Carroll. But JDB...simma down homie. Lucky that one didn't become a pick-6. No worries...solid field position for the D to take over. Just getting warmed up.

5:36- Well, folks we have our first booth review of the day. Do you think they mention last week's Oregon-Oklahoma game again?

5:32- 6 plays...3 first downs. Decent.

5:28- I really like to see SC getting FB Stanley Havili into the flow early. This freshman is going to get a lot of snaps today taking over for Ryan Powdrell.

5:22- And, that's the drive...kick it away. Beer me.

5:21- Tuitama just checked off and then overthrew his WR by 10 yards. I think he flashed the "hang loose" sign.

5:17- Arizona just returned the kickoff 41 yards. Perhaps more than they will garner over the next 15 minutes.

5:11- Wait...what happened with the Oregon game last week?!?!

5:07- Our announcer for the day...Dan Fouts. I actually think he does a decent job, but I still would've liked to see Brent Musburger.

5:03- As the Trojans kick-off their Pac-10 schedule, we kick-off live blog coverage here at TDS. I'll be adding new sections for each quarter and in the meantime updating each section regularly during said quarter. Get the Refresh button ready. Feel free to holler at me during the game:

The cast of characters joining me today: Mrs. Dar (Oregon fan), Neil (fellow Trojan), a room full of snacks, and 24 ice cold Rolling Rocks to get us through the next three hours. I apologize in advance for the inevitable increase in typos as the game goes on. Let's get it me!


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