Saturday, September 23, 2006

USC at Arizona, 3rd Quarter

7:37- After a 28-yard gain on 3rd and 15...Maualuuuuuuuga! Sack to end the 3rd quarter. Hey, a lead is a me.

7:32- Hey! A 3rd down conversion for Arizona! Baby steps.

7:29- First miss in 15 FG tries for Danelo. What the hell is going on? Still 10-0. I smell a pick-6.

7:21- Arizona has 55 total yards. Just thought I'd mention that. Beer me.

7:17- Here's the thing...if this was last year's team, I'd be worried at 10-0. This year's team...I feel like that's 28-0. The defense is so damn quick, I just can't be worried going against Baby Seal Tuitama.

7:14- Arizona still hasn't converted a third down. Maualuuuuuuuuuuga! Also...another good exchange. Fouts and Co. just said this about Rey: "So quick, so strong. (pause) So big."
Mrs. Dar: "Be more gay!"

7:12- Jarrett just went to the locker room to get his shoulder looked at. Fingers crossed.

7:07:15- Beer me!

7:07- Two plays later...Touchdown Dwayne Jarrett. USC 10, Arizona 0...and......

7:04- Just like that...Touchdown Steve Smith! Easy drive, big score. Replay review...that was a hell of a catch...wha?!?! Incomplete?!?! Wow...that's Oregon backlash right there...whatever give it a play or two.

7:00- Emmanuel Moooooooody....big run up the middle. It's about time this focus on the run paid off. That'll loosen up the D for a pass.

6:55- Just about ready for kickoff...SC offense with the ball first. This will be a big statement drive. With the way the D's playing, any points could put the game away, but with as bad as the offense has looked, don't expect Carroll to call of the dogs.


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