Sunday, September 24, 2006

U.S. Golf is trying to take a club out of its butt

Well, Tiger finally played well at the Ryder Cup. Nice of the rest of the team to shit the bed. Phil Mickelson just went 0-4-1. What a bitch. Meanwhile, the Europeans were playing out of their minds. They all get up for this event, they all love playing together, and consequently, they'll all have a great time drinking themselves into oblivion during the celebration tonight. Well deserved. They just stuck a 3-iron up the collective U.S. colon.

An aside, why the hell can't Sergio Garcia win a major Tour event to save his life? The guy has suddenly become the most effective Ryder Cup player in history. I'm not even joking. He's now 13-1-2 in his career. Ridiculous.

Lastly, moving stuff from Darren Clarke. I imagine it would be tough to do anything six weeks after the death of your wife much less play solid tournament golf in front of the world. His effort really galvanized the Euro team. Maybe The Dubliner can print an article about it.


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