Saturday, September 23, 2006

USC at Arizona, 4th Quarter

8:46- Geez. A 19-point 4th quarter for the Irish in a major comeback. Wild INT to ice it. Shit, give them the win. They earned that one.

8:32- Holy Fucking Shit! Pick-6 for the Irish. ND takes the lead...40-37. Absolutely nuts. Giv'em credit folks. Wild comeback for the Irish if it lasts.

8:30- We go to MSU-ND- Spartans lead 37-33. M-S-U! M-S-U!

HOLY SHIT: Bonus Coverage!!

8:25- That'll do it. SC brings in Mark Sanchez to run out the clock. Final score: USC 20, Arizona 3. A win is a win is a win. USC is still undefeated. Life is good, and the O still hasn't clicked. Big things on the horizon folks!

8:18- Touchdown Moody! He deserved that. Hell of a game for the frosh. Give him his six. USC 20, Arizona 3.

8:17- Wow. 3rd and 16. Run up the middle. Time to punt...Holy shit!!!! Dallas Sartz recovers the muff on the 4! That's the clearest example yet of how different a SC team this is. Just trust your talent and, don't get cocky.

8:14- Gotta love the old fumble recovery for a first down play. Beer me.

8:07- Like I said, the SC defense is a group of stars. Seriously, learn their names. They are that good. SC gets the rock back.

8:05- Stoops looked like he was on the verge of committing murder during that replay. It's like the refs had beef with his family or something...oh, wait.

7:56- It truly is a differant Trojan team this year. The defense is the star unit, and the offense is playing it conservative...not vice versa. Danelo makes it USC 13, Arizona 3. Beer me.

7:51- Moooooody. 30-yard run. Look, Pete, there's your starter. Give up the 4-man rotation. He's your starter. Done.

7:50- Still no word on Jarrett's shoulder. I truly don't like the sound of that. Wanna hear some good news? MSU 37-ND 21. Sweet.

7:46- 43 yard FG...and...nicely done. Cats on the board. It's like bizarro SC. USC 10, Arizona 3.

7:42- Rey Maualuuuuuga...big stop in the backfield on 2nd and long. No dice on 3rd either. Then Nick Holt just looked like a madman calling timeout. I love that SC is trying to ice the Arizona kicker to start the 4th. Good stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo dar...just started drinking...very impressed with your work....and fuck zona....this is bullshit...trojans will own the fourf

7:53 PM  
Blogger BigTDog said...

Thanks for the liveblog. I missed the game due to ABC's love for the Irish/Spartan game here in DC. Sounds like I had the more entertaining game on here - didn't feel like joining up with the USC alumni club tonight; not considering it was Arizona.

PS: Mrs. Dar (Oregon fan) called Fouts a piece of shit? Isn't he a diety to Oregon fans? (I guess not all Oregon fans)

9:52 PM  

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