Sunday, September 24, 2006

NCAA Hangover: Pass the pills

Well, the first TDS live blog is in the books. A great time was had by all on this end. Thanks to those of you that stopped by. Mallard wins the "Most Valuable Refresher" award for going well over 200 refreshes during the course of the game. Good stuff, sir!

As for the game is strange getting used to a USC team that doesn't have to rely on 40 points each week, but truth be told, I like this better. I continue to be thrilled with the way the Trojan defense is coming along, and I think they are one of the best units in the nation. Just great that Booty and the offense don't have to force the issue in order to give SC a chance to win. I am surprised by how tough it's been for the offense, but I still think they will keep getting better each week, and one week soon...we'll see that 6oo-yard explosion. Until then, who can argue with what we're seeing so far.

As for the rest of real surprises. Kind of a lackluster week schedule-wise but all the good teams were able to avoid a slip-up no matter how narrowly (I'm looking at you Georgia!). Would've loved to see Penn State not lose their minds late and blow their chance at an upset, but when your coach has explosive diarhhea, what can you do? Also, as much as I hate to admit...ND's comeback was remarkable. Still looks like that November match-up at the Coliseum will be huge.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pop two advil so I can get to the bar for NFL kickoff.


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