Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bill Doba has low expectations

I really like Bill Doba. I've interviewed him 1-on-1 twice, and both times he was nothing but friendly, insightful, and honest. It's hard to really ask for much more. As for that honesty, this is a guy who, at halftime of his team's 55-13 annihilation at the hands of USC last year, was asked what he thought of the first half. His reply was vintage Doba.

"They've got my vote for number-one."

Doba's WSU Cougs host the Trojans this Saturday. Tuesday he held his weekly presser, and after a few quick answers about the merits of his own team, he was again asked about USC.

"I see too much...There's a reason they're ranked #2 in the nation, and I'm not so sure they shouldn't be ranked #1."

Trust me, I'm leaving a ton out. Between those two clauses was about 250 words of praise for just about every aspect of the Trojan team. Some other highlights:

"We watch their offensive line, and it looks like a chorus line. They all step on a zone play on the same step."

"Rey Maualuga has got my vote for All-American right now."

"The linebacking corps is scary to be honest with you."

It's safe to say Doba isn't exactly confident his team has a chance.

Pete Carroll, Bill Doba Discuss Saturday's Game at Washington State (USCTrojans.com)


Blogger Alan said...

As a Cougar fan, I'd have to agree with Mr. Doba. The Cougs haven't looked good this season, despite the 3-1 record. Assuming USC doesn't find the drive from Spokane Airport to Pullman to inananely boring, they should win.

That said, I'll still be watching the game. Cougar Pride means sticking with the boys in crimson, no matter what.

12:22 PM  

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