Saturday, October 07, 2006

LIVE BLOG: Welcome to Berkeley, Cal vs. Oregon, 1st Quarter

6:04- Ohhhh! Zach Follett just destroyed Dixon on a sack to end the quarter. Wait, wha? The refs must be smoking too. That shit made no sense. They took away the sack and put 18 seconds back on the clock. I''m confused. Quarter over.

5:58:12- Touchdown. Shit, that was quick. So much for sloppy. Cal just went 60 yards in two plays. Desean Jackson hauled in a bomb for the score. Cal 14, Oregon 3

5:58- Nice looking Longshore pass to Lavell Hawkins for a long 1st down. One of the first well-executed plays in a pretty sloppy quarter...

5:55- Cal takes over after a punt. Musburger seems appalled that the score isn't 30-21 already after all his "Shootout, Pac-10 style" bullshit in the pre-game. Did I mention that I can't stand him?

5:53- "Somebody get him a fucking block! He just got pummeled in his fucking hip with someone's helmet!" -Mrs. Dar, on 2nd and 10

5:46- So has anybody ever been more out of place in a city than Brent Musburger is in Berkeley right now? Actually, I don't think he's actually there. He's probably across the Bay in Palo Alto just watching the game in a satellite truck sipping on some Pinot.

5:44- Oregon came right back with a big stop. That was a nice sequence for their D and one that gets them right back into the game.

5:39- Well, Oregon has settled down. They've started to get some rhythm, but Cal held tough at the 5. Field goal Cal 7, Oregon 3

5:35- Another good looking pass from Dixon, and the Ducks are to the 11. This has been a very solid drive.

5:31- The Duck center is back on. Meanwhile, they've strung together a couple nice plays. Some signs of intent.

5:28- Now it looks like Oregon's center is hurt. His leg hit a pretty nasty angle on that play. Maybe the Bears could just piss in Oregon's Gatorade too. This has been a horrible start for the Ducks.

5:19- Touchdown Bears. Nice look-off from Nate Longshore to fool the D. That was about as easy as it gets. The other cat is dead too. Cal 7, Oregon 0

5:17- Wow. Didn't expect that. Dennis Dixon threw an awful pick on his FIRST PLAY FROM SCRIMMAGE. In a related story, my wife just killed our cat.

5:13- Oooh, and the Bears have broken out the brand new, yellow alternate jerseys. Jeff Tedford or somebody else in Berkeley must've gotten Phil Knight some really good hash.

5:12- Corso just picked Cal. Herbie took Oregon. By the way, if you didn't see Gameday this morning, look at this.

5:05- Holy crap! ABC just threw a curveball. It's Musburger tonight! We'll I guess this just means we'll both hate the announcer.

5:04- And we're back. I feel refreshed (read: finally took a shower), and I am excited for Game 2 of the TDS Pac-10 overdose. Time to head up the 880 from Casa de Dar to Berkeley for Cal vs. Oregon. This is by-far the biggest game to-date in the Pac-10 this season, and it will go a long way toward determining who has the most realistic shot to knock off SC for the conference title.

We lost Neil and Mirch for Game 2, but we quintupled the energy/screaming/profanity in the room because Mrs. Dar now has a vested interest. Mrs. Dar is a Duck die-hard and a cusser! Plus! She may be the only Duck on the planet who hates Dan Fouts, who my guess is will be calling this game...we'll find out shortly. Anyway, the pieces are in place for an explosive night. I'll do my best not to pass out. Mmm, St. Pauli Girl.


Anonymous thistle71 said...

in full support of the USC/Oregon tandem, but what's up with mrs. dar hating fouts?!?!?! he and howard hessman are the greatest oregon graduates...after myself obviously.

5:50 PM  

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