Saturday, October 07, 2006

LIVE BLOG: USC vs. UW, 2nd Quarter

2:00- And that's the half. The USC offense has looked great. Very workmanlike. The D has been stellar on every down except 3rd, and that's what has kept the Dawgs close. I feel like the Trojans should blow it open in the second half, but we shall see. UW does look solid so far. See everyone in 20...I'm going to go piss...wish I had X-MO for that.

1:55- Danelo kicks it through for 3. Trojans just need to protect the lead before the half. USC 17, UW 10

1: 54- Fuck! Great shoestring catch for a TD by Steve Smith gets negated for holding. Ouch. That was a fantastic play. Oooooooh, X-Mo.

1:51- And another nice 1st down run for Washington. The Husky D is dead.

1:50- Another cocky 4th and 2 call for the Trojans. Simple weak-side dive. Business as usual.

1:46- How, I ask, did we EVER get by watching football on TV without the wonderous X-MO? What a shite gimic.

1:45- Turner again for the first down. I'll tell you what...all the SC coaches have been saying he's the next Jarrett. This is the first time I've started to truly believe it. He's having a great first half.

1:42- There we go! C.J. Gable with- dare I say - a Bush-esque kickoff return to start the next possession. I don't think the Husky D can stop SC. We'll see if they bring any sac to the table on this drive.

1:39- Good lord. The Husky offense looked downright respectable on that drive. They do look like a different program. Nice decision making for Stanback to get the Dawgs in for a TD instead of settling for 3. USC 14, UW 10

1:34- Give Stanback credit. He stood in and got laid out but was able to find Ellis for the 1st down. He does have promise...still counting on that INT though.

1:31- Already a career high in catches and yards for Turner.

1:28- Followed by another big catch from Turner. Great TD pass. Booty looked real sharp on that drive. I think this could be the day that SC finally covers the spread. No, I didn't bet on it...heavily. USC 14, UW 3

1:25- And another big run from Washington!

1:24- Trojans get a 1st down on another catch by Patrick Turner. You can see that the coaching staff is starting to trust him more and more. He's definitely getting his share of chances...and Chauncey Washington is looking great so far. Another solid run and then a big gain on a check-down. Good stuff.


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