Saturday, October 07, 2006

LIVE BLOG: USC vs. UW, 3rd Quarter

3:05- Hey, what do you know? Oscar Lua just limped off. Jesus Christ.

3:03- Which gives the Trojans another momentum play. Great punt coverage.

3:01- And Moody looking strong too. Big run up the middle. Meanwhile, Steve Smith may have hurt his achilles. Seriously, could SC have more injuries? Fiiiiiiiizzzzzle. SC punting for the first time today.

2:59- Freakin' holding. Man, that was about ot be big. Again, Washington looks great.

2:58- Gobble him up! 3-and-out. Still have a feeling this game could get out of hand. Trojans need to put up 7.

2:54- FG. Pretty stale start to the third for both teams. USC 23, UW 13

2:49:20- Blocked punt! That's redemption right there fo sho! Trojan ball.

2:49- And just like that...USC ball again. Stanback finally botched a 3rd down. This is going to be the drive I think.

2:47- Fucking shit. Turner sends me right back into "not quite sure the guy's the next Jarrett" mode. Should have had that grab, and instead UW gets the ball back.

2:45- So the Trojans take over with a very short field. Didn't they go 96 yards on one drive in the first half? Enjoy defending your 37, Dawgs.

2:41- There's the Stanback we know and love. Two awful passes during a 3-and-out. Oh, by the way...nice punt.

2:37- If I was coaching the Trojans right now, I'd try an onside kick. Just an FU to Ty-Dub.

2:36- Frustrating finish to the drive. Totally stalled out inside the 10. Congrats on our field goal. USC 20, UW 13

2:34- Ok. Back to stellar...Turner, Davis, 1st and goal.

2:31:27- ...50 yards! Steve Smith! First down!

2:31- Wow. Ugly start for the SC offense...out of sync. 3rd and 14, aaaaaaand....

2:26- Wow. Way to go Huskies. Prove me right more. Blow your fluke chances, and you are dead in the water. Congrats on your field goal. USC 17, UW 13

2:23- Jesus Christ. I've been saying it for years. The flukey shit is cute. It'll keep you close for a bit. But seriously, are we here to play...holy shit...a REVERSE!!! Fuck, I'm not gonna lie...didn't see that start coming.


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