Saturday, October 07, 2006

LIVE BLOG: USC vs. UW, 4th Quarter

4:00- Game Over! USC 26, UW 20 Jesus...that was absurd. The refs just gave UW 30 extra seconds to sub, form up, and call a play. UW has no reason to whine. The game is freakin' over. The Dawgs played great, don't get me wrong. But they came up short. Get off the field, Ty. And were lucky to get out with a win. Oregon, Cal, ND, and UCLA are going to be a tough four games to end the season. Better get back to work. The Pac-10 is officially up for grabs. As for me, I'm taking a break. 52 minutes until kickoff in game two. Oregon at Cal...get at me.

3:59- 2 the fucking ball...what is this shit? FUCK!

3:57- 4th down and 2...18 ticks...Stanbeck gets a first down...13 to go...

3:52:- Now Neil says, "I see it on SportsCenter. UW scores, misses the PAT. Then the game goes to overtime, and USC wins it." How crazy is it that that's even an option right now? Honestly, the Huskies look exactly like USC started to look at the end of Carroll's first season (my junior year). They look shit is finally coming around for them. Think about it...longtime national power that had been obselete for a handful of seasons. I'm just sayin' the parallels are there a bit. UW isn't as talented, but they are motivated and confident. That's a dangerous combo. They can start the rebirth next week...let's please hang on for this win.

3:50- First down for the Dawgs...1st and 10 from the 40...another 1st down the Shackelford. Pete, get your boys together.

3:46- Another Danelo FG. Sketch. Just let the clock please tick off. I do not like this at all. USC 26, UW 20

3:37- Chauncey Washington picks up another big 1st down. The guy has been a stud today. And I do like that the Trojans aren't blowing the game even with Jarrett and Smith out. The team is grinding it out...I guess I have to go back to analyzing SC like they're a "human" football team. They are definitely back to Earth. But, is does still look like they'll be undefeated at the end of the day...and possible #2 (Thanks Razorbacks!) First and goal.

3:34- Turner again! He's back in good graces...for now. Big gain on 2nd and 12. Keep it rolling.

3:31- Nice stop on a big 3rd down. SC needs to put 7 on the board now...if only for pride.

3:30- Mirch is here now too. His take, "This game looks rigged to me."

3:25- Taylor Mays gets called for a late hit. My first instinct was "freshman mistake." Then I saw the replay. That was a bullshit call. Awful.

3:20- 3-and-out? Timeout on the punt try? What team is this? Also Neil just said, "Wow are we gonna see the SportCenter game break tonight. 'Washington upsets USC!'" Sometimes I hate Neil. shhhh. I can see it too.

3:14- Jaw open. What the hell? USC just got punked all the way to six more points. The Pac-10 is totally wild this year. I just can't ever feel comfortable anymore.

3:09- Quote about Stanback from Raina (late arrival to the pad today), "When the fuck did this guy turn into Dan Marino?"


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