Saturday, October 07, 2006

LIVE BLOG: Cal vs. Oregon, 4th Quarter

8:16- Long touchdown run to ice it by Justin Forsett. Mike Belloti just scooped his eye out with a spoon. Cal 45, Oregon 17

And with that, I'm going to bring to a close a long day of football, booze and typing. I have it clocked at a little over 8 hours. There are about five minutes left in the game, but I trust the Bears have this wrapped up. The one eye I have left is glazed over, and my eardrums are still bleeding from the cussing barrage Mrs. Dar unleashed earlier. Oregon has literally been outplayed from the very first snap of the game. Cal has looked great. This makes things very interesting in the Pac-10. I'm very glad SC plays both of these teams at home. Until next time.

8:15- Musburger: "If Kirk left tickets for Jessica Simpson, she'd come." I just scooped out my eyeball with a spoon.

8:06- Not so much. INT on the very next play, and it was a bad one. That should pretty much give Cal the win. A comeback at this point would be monumental. The way Oregon looks, it's a million to one.

8:05- Oregon gets bailed out with a roughing the passer call after the Ducks dropped a sure thing 1st down. They're giving you chances Oregon! Jesus. Take advantage of one!

7:59- OK...Oregon holds to start the 4th. Cal punts it away. Ducks will take over at their own 30. Is there a Oklahoma sized comeback hidden in there somewhere?


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