Saturday, October 07, 2006

LIVE BLOG: Cal vs. Oregon, 2nd Quarter

6:50- Speaking of out of place in Berkeley...Nate Longshore is Mormon? Who knew?

That'll do it for the half. Cal takes a big lead into the locker room. Oregon needs to find some fixes, because they've been exploited like an 18-year-old intern on Instant Messenger. Back in 20...

6:48- Touchdown Stewart. Big sequence. Oregon has at least delayed their demise for the time being. We can't call the game just yet. Cal 28, Oregon 10

6:45- Dixon gets sacked on 3rd down. Then...the Ducks go to the fake FG! Interesting. Down to the 1 yard line. Oregon needs to make this one count in order to stay in striking distance.

6:41- Oregon has gone to the option to try and steal some points before the half. If they could score here, it at least puts them in position to make a comeback.

6:38- Comment from thistle71: "silent rage." Things have gotten a bit comatose in my living room too. Gulp. Meanwhile, some Duck player just pulled a blind-sided jump kick on a defenseless Cal player. Pretty bad.

6:34- Explosive. After trading punts, Jackson took the kick to the house. Kid is a freakin' stud. Real nice of Brent to keep mentioning how he got away from USC too. One of the most exciting players in the Pac-10. I won't repeat all the stuff Mrs. Dar just screamed. Cal 28, Oregon 3

6:25- Cal just looks better right now in all facets. Better preparation, better exectution. Oregon setting up to punt it away again. The color guy thinks fake. Nope. And Desean Jackson broke off a big chunk on the return. Then he started doing what Musburger referred to as "woofing." Ugh.
6:19- Longshore keeper in for another score. Oregon better wake up, or this game is going to be out of reach before the break. There's a lot of time left in the 2nd for them to claw back, but it's about time to get started.

6:17- Um. Hmmm. Oregon fumbles it away. This has been an ugly game so far. Next play...Lynch wath a tight run. He even made his exit from the game cool, somersalting off with an injury. Bears back to the 2 yard line.

6:15- Hey Tedford! I bet a field goal would be nice right about now huh? Longshore gets picked in the end zone, Oregon takes over at the 20, and Mrs. Dar screams, "Kiss my momentum ass, Jeff Tedford." I'm not sure either.

6:14- Jeff Tedford with a Pete Carroll-esque call on 4th and 1 to go for it. 1st and goal.

6:10- Oooh, up close and personal with Marshawn Lynch. This is great, just great. Follow that up with a sideline report about where Lynch's mom sits during the game. I just vomited in my mouth.

6:09- Longshore comes right back with a strike to Marshawn Lynch. Bears inside the 15 again. It's looking very dire for the Ducks at the moment.

6:05- Another INT for the Cal defense on the first play of the 2nd. Mike Belloti should really starting running the ball on the first snaps of quarters. So far he's 0-2 with two picks.


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