Saturday, October 07, 2006

LIVE BLOG: Cal vs. Oregon, 3rd Quarter

7:51- Hey, everyone...the Ducks showed up! Dixon goes over the top for a touchdown. That provides juuuuuust enough to make me keep watching for a few minutes in the fourth. Cal 38, Oregon 17

7:46- Why don't they just let Herbie call the rest of the game? Seriously, why not?

7:42- Well, the Bears just rolled their way down the field while Musburger chatted up Herbstreit. Great second effort by Robert Johnson to get in for the score. Oregon is crawling around on the canvas trying to find it's collective mouthpiece. Cal 38, Oregon 10

7:31- Apparently Longshore leaves two tickets for every game for Jessica Simpson. He doesn't know her. Never met her. Never told her about the tickets, but he leaves them at Will Call every week. Again, I'll turn to thistle71, "creepy mormon."

7:25- Damien Hughes makes a nice stop on 3rd down, and Cal takes over again after the punt. This could effectively set up the knock-out punch.

7: 17- Cal kicks a FG to go up three scores. I'd say Oregon has roughly five minutes to make a move or this game is going to as good as over. Cal 31, Oregon 10

7:15- Who needs him. 41 yards to Jackson, and just like that, the Bears are inside the Oregon 30.

7:15- Still no word on Lynch's injury, but he isn't in the game to start the third.

7:14- Okay. The 2nd half is underway. TDS Pac-10 overdose is into the home stretch. Here's hoping Oregon can get back into this game. For attention's sake.


Anonymous thistle71 said...

nate longshore = creepy mormon

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