Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Perhaps the shocker will make an appearance

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USC has formally complained to ABC about Brent Musburger. First reaction...so what? I've been informally complaining about him for years. Anyway, during the broadcast Saturday, Musburger sold out John David Booty's "hang loose" hand signal, which Booty uses to warn the receivers that he's picked up on one-on-one coverage. Booty told Musburger about it during a "background only" pre-game prep meeting with the broadcast team.

"John David told us that his signal when he finds one-on-one and they're coming, it's that 'hang loose,' that familiar sign you've seen surfers use," said Musburger.

Now if this meeting was really for background only, as reported, and if the stuff discussed was privileged info not to be mentioned on-air, then yeah, Musburger screwed up...on journalistic principle if nothing else.

But has it really come to this? Let's do a quick roll call of SC's off-season issues. Reggie Bush scandal, Jarrett's NCAA violation, the Sanchez sexual assault accusation...I'm sure I'm leaving some out. Couldn't Booty just use a new signal next week? I am pretty sure Pete Carroll can draw something up. I've met USC Sports Information Director Tim Tessalone a few times. Great guy, always very helpful. But I just don't understand how this issue could possibly be at the top of his to-do list.

Regardless, I still think Brent Musburger deserves a nice hearty...

USC complains Musburger gave away team sign (ESPN.com)


Anonymous a fan said...

nice finger ... but its kinda stupid how booty provided the info.. not a big deal im sure they will think of another signal

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