Monday, September 18, 2006

After review...yeah we fucked that up

Can't say I'm real surprised by this. The Pac-10 not only suspended the officiating crew and the instant replay team from Saturday's Oregon-Oklahoma game, today they also issued a formal apology to the Sooners for basically screwing them out of a win. There was no doubt that two horrible calls were made in the waning moments of that game, and yes, that late in the contest, they did probably cost Oklahoma the win.

Now, I certainly don't think think the suspension of the refs is unjust. They screwed up on a big stage. However, I do still believe Oklahoma had a lot of other chances to put the game away that they let slip away, and they don't have anybody but themselves to blame for that. If I'm Bob Stoops, there is not a single mention of the refs in any of my practices this week. The bottom line is that the Sooners put themselves in the postition to have the game stolen from them. Had they buckled down a little more late, the bad calls wouldn't have made a difference.

An aside: The president of Oklahoma University sent a letter to the head of the Big-12 asking for the game to be stricken from the records books. That dude is a bitch.

Update: The replay official who blew the call has actually been having a pretty tough time, including some health worries and a death threat. I can't say I don't feel bad for this guy either...a very public bad day at the office.

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