Sunday, September 17, 2006

NFL Week 2: Check it to pancakes!

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Philadelphia 24, NY Giants 30 F/OT: Well, well. Look at little brother go. Eli led a 17-point 4th quarter comeback on the road against a division rival and THEN threw the game winner late in OT. He finished with 371 yards and 3 TDs. Just a huge win for his confidence, and for the Giants chances.

Indianapolis 43, Houston 24: Even with the huge comback Eli can't totally upstage Peyton, who threw for 400 yards and 3 scores. Screw you, glory hog!

Cincinnati 34, Cleveland 17: Carson Palmer threw his first two TDs of the year, Chad Johnson did the chicken dance, Rudi Johnson is turning into one of the premier backs in the league, and nobody got arrested. All around good day in Cincy.

Miami 6, Buffalo 16: Culpepper had 237 yards. Losman had 83. Wha?

Minnesota 16, Carolina 13 F/OT: Wow. 0-2. Carolina has a ton of work to do. They better hope Steve Smith can get/stay healthy.

Chicago 34, Detroit 7: The Lions defense that bragged about holding Seattle to 9 points in a loss just gave up four TDs to Rex Grossman. Nice.

Green Bay 27, New Orleans 34: Drew Brees had three early turnovers, the Pack jumped out to an early lead, the game was at Lambeau, and the cheeseheads still managed to blow it. Things are getting very ugly in Green Bay. On the plus side, there's a lot of good comedy material coming from it. Check out DJ Gallo's take on Brett Favre...item 8.

Baltimore 28, Oakland 6: Yep, the Raiders really are that bad.

Atlanta 14, Tampa Bay 3: How do you follow up 252 rushing yards? With 306.

Seattle 21, Arizona 10: No real worries for the Seahawks in this one. Alexander has to work harder for his this year, but Seattle is clearly the best team in the NFC West.

San Francisco 20, St. Louis 13: Didn't see that one coming...hence Seattle is clearly the best team in the NFC West.

Denver 9, Kansas City 6 F/OT: Five field goals. Just about what we expected for a Jake Plummer vs. Damon Huard matchup.

NY Jets 17, New England 24: Nice to see Chad Pennington put up back-to-back solid games, but today he was playing from behind the whole game. Pats off to a quiet 2-0 start.

San Diego 40, Tennessee 7: The Titans are really jealous of all the publicity the Raiders are getting. This was a statement game for them.


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