Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Me and Booty were gettin' together all week."

That one great line in Dwayne Jarrett's post-game sound says it all. Jarrett recieved a lot of criticism from the USC coaching staff after a lackluster opener. He responded yesterday; absolutely untouchable. I was actually frustrated the Trojans didn't try and throw to him more in the second half. Their offensive momentum was totally killed in the third quarter, and I think that one or two nice plays from Jarrett during that stretch would've kept everybody rolling and really put the game away. Too bad he didn't get the throws because watching him carve up the Nebraska secondary was truly like Varsity taking on the "C' team. Overpowering. That will be very important moving forward this season. SC will need more days like this from DJ. More power to the Huskers for covering the spread.

I thought Booty looked solid. He had one drive to start the third where two passes could have have gone the other way. He got lucky on those, but I don't think he really had another off-target pass the rest of the game. He made some incredible throws. I also love the way they use him on the rollout. His running ability is much better than Leinart's, and I think having that extra dimension will really help the WRs buy time and get open. When Booty really gets comfortable in the offense, I think they'll be explosive. I do however think Pete Carroll needs to settle on two RBs to take the bulk of the work. I think the five-man rotation is a total rhythm-killer.

Lastly, all the best to fullback Ryan Powdrell. This kid worked his ass off for years to finally get his chance, and in his second game he gets his leg snapped. A gruesome injury and one that could easily end his career. That’s the horrible part. He was going to be a big part of this year’s offense, and now he may not get the chance to ever achieve the big things that were coming to him. I hope he’s able to recover, but seeing that injury I wouldn't bet on it. Just an unfortunate situation.

Bring on Arizona.


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