Thursday, September 14, 2006

Man, Hell sure is cold today

Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images

Holy crap, he lost. Tiger Woods was proven human today, as Shaun Micheel ousted him in the first round of the World Match Play Championship. Micheel beat him 4 and 3, snapping El Tigre's streak of five straight Tour wins. The most impressive thing to me about the streak was the way the wins kept coming. To me is wasn't at all like his crazy run a few years back when he was really bursting onto the scene. This was cold-blooded. Tiger was robotic in every round, just steadily assassinating course after course. It was like the difference between the Rams' "Greatest Show on Turf" Super Bowl team and the Patriots' workmanlike team that ran onto the field as a group in 2002, focused solely on the task at hand. Tiger just did that for two straight months. Fun stuff to watch.

Tiger tamed: Woods ousted in Match Play (MSNBC)


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