Monday, September 11, 2006

Peyton Manning looks uncomfortable

I know it was a big game and all. Lots of hype, probably a fair amount of pressure on Peyton to face the media in a timely manner, but couldn't we at least get the man a hand towel? I'm not sure I've ever seen anybody sweat so much during post. It seriously looks like he jumped out of his uniform and just threw on his suit. The guy was going to have to sit there and answer 879 straight questions about playing against his brother. Shouldn't he at least be allowed to be comfortable? Not even a glass of water?

As far as the actual game, I thought it was pretty well-played all around. Both Mannings were solid. Eli had one horrible play on the botched hand-off to Tiki, and he had to just huck up a prayer at the end, but for the most part he looked in control and pretty calm. A few bad calls go the other way, and NYG could have easily won the game.

My only bone to pick is actually with Archie Manning. Why the hell are you so damn grumpy? The guy looked like he was at a funeral in all 27 NBC cutaways. I understand that you don't want to have to see either of your kids lose. It makes sense that you wouldn't want anybody to get embarassed or hurt. But Jesus, it is a football game. Somebody is going to win, and somebody is going to lose. If it was me, at least one time during the game I would've looked down on the field and thought, "Fuck me. Both of my sons are starting quarterbacks in the NFL! And they keep showing our home videos every 20 minutes! We are one hell of a family!"

Confusing. I just would have thought a Manning vs Manning game would have been cause for at least some form of celebration, not the torture that Archie looked to be enduring.


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