Monday, September 11, 2006

Said Mandela, "Oh, for Christ's sake!"

Hey remember during the World Cup when Zinedine Zidane butted the bejeezus out of Marco Materazzi? Yeah me too. You know why? Because in their ongoing attempts to make sure everybody forgets about the incident, FIFA keeps reminding everybody about the incident. They're so hung up on it that now FIFA is trying to organize a kumbayah get-together between Zizzou and Marco so that they can put the event behind them. And here's the best part. In an effort to really maximize their misplaced symbolism, FIFA is thinking about having them meet at Robben Island, South Africa, which just so happens to be the place that Nelson Mandela and several other anti-apartheid leaders were imprisoned for many years.

Shhh, you hear that? That's millions of murdered, imprisoned, and disenfranchised South Africans rolling over in their graves. Seriously, enough is enough. I'm pretty sure that neither Zidane nor Materazzi could give a fuck about clearing the air. Marco got chippy, Zidane talked shit, Marco said he wanted to bone Zidane's sister, and Zidane checked him with a dome to the chestplate. It's as simple as that. Sure, it was ugly. Yeah, it was an unfortunate way for the World Cup to end, but you know what? That's sport...beef happens. I refuse to believe that there is some lofty, humanitarian message to be taken from it all. More power to FIFA if they can actually get these guys to agree to this.

FIFA trying to bring together Zidane, Materazzi (FOX Sports)


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