Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Cornhuskers seem very excited to get stomped by USC

Congratulations to the Nebraska Cornhuskers who are off to a fantastic 2-0 start to the year. Today they shallacked Division 1-AA Nicholls State 56-7 to follow-up last week's big win over Louisiana Tech. Really, two marvelous wins, guys. Now the Huskers are all juiced about the momentum they have going into next week's game at USC. In fact, some of the guys ran off the field today screaming, "U-S-C! U-S-C!"

Nebraska DE Jay Moore said, "Late at night I couldn't help but picture what it would be like playing USC."

Well, Jay, something tells me it's going to be a lot different than beating up on a 1-AA school. In fact, when Ryan Kalil and Sam Baker are the guys hitting you in the mouth 60 times in an afternoon, my guess is that you're going to miss going against the JV squads. Nebraska's winning streak currently stands at five games. USC is two plays (Vince Young's Rose Bowl winner, and a missed FG in '03) from a 48-game win streak. Oh, and they are making their home debut. Oh, and they are a team of a lot of hungry kids eager to prove themselves in the post-Matt and Reggie era. Oh, and they're coming off a bye week. I could go on.

The five-game streak is nice, the top-25 ranking is cute, but I'm just saying. I'm not sure the Cornhuskers really have a good idea of what they've gotten themselves into.

Taylor (4 TDs), No. 21 Huskers sharp on eve of USC showdown (


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