Saturday, September 09, 2006

$82,000 would buy a lot of dildos.

The long arm of the NFL law has finally reached out and touched Fred Smoot and Bryant McKinnie. The league has announced it will fine each player one game check for their respective roles in Minnetonka Madness. For McKinnie that works out to about $41,000. For Smoot it's $82,000. Hey, if that's the price you pay for being the centerpiece of one of the most lurid pro sports scandals in a while and earning Hall Of Fame status in the meantime, I would think it was well worth it.

Also, I find it charmingly appropriate that Smoot's penalty was twice as much as McKinnie's.

Update: The Vikes just signed McKinnie to a seven-year extension worth $48.5 million. Imagine the possibilites.

Hall of Fame Inductee: Vikings Sex Boat (Deadspin)
Fred Smoot has seen (and likely enjoyed) Requiem for a Dream (The Mighty MJD)


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